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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Benefit #CurlsBestFriend: Roller Lash Launch

Roller Lash Neon

Last night I was invited to the sneak preview of a new product from Benefit called Roller Lash mascara. Of course being beauty obsessed I was very excited to see what they had in store for us bloggers but the details overall were purposefully very vague. The location was Victoria Square in Birmingham so I was very intrigued to what would be awaiting me..... 

What I found when I got there (way too early may I add) was a very large, pink lorry that was decorated inside to look like a 1950s salon - I can tell you now that it was gorgeous!!! Apologies in advance for some of the lighting in my pictures as it was a rather dark evening in Brum....

Roller Lash Lorry

Roller Lash 50s
This image is taken from The Persuaders who made the actual Lorry interior - I couldn't get a good shot of how amazing it was and this one does it justice!! 
Baby pink and yellow was everywhere along with some amazing details like 50s wall tvs and converted hair salon equipment lights creating such a cute look. To top it off our lovely host wore a sequin suit and the #benebabes were all dolled up with cute curly wigs. As the slogan for the mascara is 'curls best friend' I could really see how the marketing and branding had been so well thought out - well, would you expect anything less from Benefit? 

Roller Lash Becky

As you can see I made myself at home and watched the TV screens that showed how the mascara works, results on different eye shapes and a rather cool breakdown of the mascara wand. Again the 50s theme ran throughout with the video with a rather pretty 50s styled woman gesturing towards the mascara, fluttering her eyelashes and demonstrating the product, all with a beaming smile.

Roller Lash TV

What I loved about last night was speaking to the #Benebabes and learning about the mascara. This is the first big mascara launch since 'They're Real!' which although is amazing doesn't work for all eye-shapes and lashes. I got to ask lots of questions about the brush and formula development, trials and why Benefit chose to bring this out now. It turns out this baby was in production way before 'They're Real!' was released but they wanted to get it just right before introducing another mascara product onto the market. 

Roller Lash Mascara

So today is my first day trying out the Roller Lash mascara so I won't be doing a review until I've really tested it out but so far so good!! I'm sure you will see a flurry of reviews come out soon and I know that Elle magazine's March edition has a sample size of this mascara attached so you can go and test it out too!

I'm so pleased I was invited along to the event as not only was it great to get a sneak peak of Benefit's new product but it was also lovely to see alot of central based bloggers and to catch up. The official launch of the mascara is Feb 26th so keep your eyes peeled, no pun intended!! 

Let me know if you try the Roller Lash and what you think :P 


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