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Monday, 26 January 2015

Avène - Rich Compensating Cream

So I don't have dry skin, the occasional patch around my nose following a cold yes, but definitely not dry skin. When I pop to Boots for skincare I normally avoid thick, goopy moisturiser like the plague as I always thought it was for people with crazy dry skin, so how this ended up in my basket I have no clue! As my memory fails me here I suspect it was due to it being on offer or I just really wanted the glass jar........

What I picked up was the Eau Thermale Avene Rich Compensating Cream 50ml (£17.00) and unbeknownst to me this little jar has wormed it's way into being one of my long term faves. It comes with a really handy little scoop to get the product out of the jar which I love being a hygiene freak.

Consistency: This moisturiser may be the thickest I've ever used but blends into the skin beautifully. I made the mistake early on when using this in scooping out far too much and found I barely needed any to get full coverage over my face and neck. About a 10p size amount is all I needed and for really intense moisture around my nose I would use it twice a day for maximum impact. By doing this I found these dry patches disappeared alot quicker than normal and stay hydrated for longer. 

Smell: The smell of this product is hard to explain. To me it's quite pleasant and smells very 'rich,' a real pleasure to smother on my skin. I would maybe liken it to Dove moisturisers as it is the only thing I believe the smell is close to. It's an odd one as it smells in the jar but doesn't when on the skin....  

Result: The jar you see in the pictures is now long gone. For me the real test of a really good product is if I miss it and now having been just under a month without it I can tell you now that I do. It's not that my skin has gone all dry and flaky without it, it's just that it doesn't feel as healthy and my skin tone doesn't seem as even. 

The Catch: The only catch with this little beauty is the cost. £17.00 for 50ml for me feels alot for a product I can pick up in Boots, (ok that comment was a little snobby) if you know what I mean. I do always tell my friends to invest in skincare so it seems I need to lead by example and do the same. 

Right I'm off to Boots......


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