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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

At One Day Spa Birmingham

At One Day Spa

During the holiday period I was given some generic spa vouchers that could be used in certain spas across Birmingham. I googled and found 'At One Day Spa' located in the Great Western Arcade, Birmingham City centre and booked myself in for the full body deep-tissue massage. 

The spa itself is nestled in such a cute lane of shops and welcomes you with blasts of purple and white branding. The reception is located as you enter on the ground floor and once you have checked in you go up a small flight of stairs to a beautifully decorated waiting room....

At One Day Spa Birmingham
Great Western Arcade

After filling in some initial forms I was offered a drink and told my therapist would be along for me shortly. I immediately felt very calm as the whole upper level in open, bright and very clean with calm music playing. I did get up and have a nose about even taking the above picture of the view down through the arcade where you can really see all the historical features - sooo pretty!

After around 5 minutes my therapist came along and took me through to her treatment room. We discussed what I wanted to achieve from my massage and I explained about some tension in my shoulders and the occasional migraine I get from it. She recommended she concentrated the most pressure on my shoulders and neck, assuring me that it would be relaxing and relieve any pain. She did warn me it could feel uncomfortable but I was welcome to let her know the level of pressure I was comfortable with.

After this initial chat she adjusted the lighting to a very pretty purple and left the room so I could get undressed and lie on the table. I have to say after this whole discussion I trusted that she would take care of me as I was a little nervous going in for something like this in a venue I had never visited before. (Let's be honest you are getting naked and allowing a stranger to touch you!!) 

At One Day Spa Massage

The massage itself lasted around an hour with the motions and pressure seeming to go along with the soothing music in the room. I think I fell asleep at one point which tells you how relaxed I must have been.

Following the massage I was advised to drink lots of water and to have a chilled out day as I had been given quite an intense treatment. I knew I could be slightly achy the next day but I think this shows that some serious work was done. I have to say I did feel less tense the following day and found my shoulders to be alot 'looser,' so a good days treat I feel.

I have another voucher which I may use for another massage or one of the Dermalogica facials that they offer. They have quite the large treatment menu so it is hard to choose. I'm also determined to try more variety of treatments when I can in 2015 so hopefully this will be the gateway to more treats in future *hint hint family*

Have you ever suffered with tension? What helped you get past it?

*Not Sponsored - just enjoyed my day!!*


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