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Monday, 19 January 2015

Anatomicals World Pore 3: Deep Cleansing Strips

World Pore 3

This is going to be a flash review of the Anatomicals World Pore 3: Deep Cleansing Strips.* I say flash because I think really everyone knows what these products are and what they are meant to do. 

I have majorly large pores around my nose and cheeks so for me this was a great product to test to see if it could help my combat my 'potholes.' The box is deceivingly small so I expected one or two strips but you get loads for both your nose, chin and forehead in really handy silver packets - great for travelling! I love the humour of the Anatomicals brand and it's bright, unapologetic packaging which I think make really great gifts. 

Anatomicals World Pore 3

I chose to use these for the first time after a full face cleanse in the evening which for me yielded great results. I have used this without really doing my full evening routine since and I can honestly say the results weren't as noticeable. 

How I used the strips:
I used both the nose and chin strips on damp skin making sure that they were flat with no little air bubbles. This is quite a nice feeling as initially I found it to be cold and as the strips dry you barely notice they are there. This normally takes about 15 minutes and once I felt they were completely dry I peeled them off my face slowly in anticipation of what is one them. In all honesty I went into the whole experience not really expecting much so I was pleasantly surprised when the strips were covered in my nasty little blackheads. 

World Pore 3

I have used the strips multiple times and find the peeling off part the best; I am a little sad and look forward to seeing what they have been able to get off. I will say that the results do vary but I suspect for me that was due to my laziness with my skincare routine and occasionally having a really good skin day. 

Over all I would say give them a go especially if you are having a girly night in or want a quick fix before bed. I wouldn't say they aren't the best if you are wanting some really hard hitting skincare as they are more like a pick-me-up perk to use a couple of times per week max. I've picked up a couple more packs recently to give to some girlfriends to try so I'm looking forward to hearing their thoughts on them. 

What do you think of the Anatomical brand? Have you tried any great products from them? 

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