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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Review: Smiggle Advent Calendar

I know some of you will probably comment that it's weird to review an advent calendar after Christmas but here's the thing - I won't review something, no matter what it is, unless I have used it and to use an advent calendar properly you have to do it over the Christmas period.

So anyway on to the actual review...... I was lucky enough to be given this calendar when I visited the Smiggle store opening in Birmingham and being a stationary geek I was far too excited to get going. 

Smiggle Advent Calendar

Every day you open a section as you would with a normal advent calendar but in this case you get an awesome piece of little stationary. I got everything from pens, pencils and highlighters through to some very cool rubbers and even a stamp!!! Here's some pics of some of my favourite pieces:

Smiggle Colour Pencil
Smiggle Alphabet Ruler
Smiggle Star Stamp
Smiggle Dice Rubbers
Smiggle Colour Pen
Smiggle Rubbers
Smiggle Snap Band

This calendar is pure fun - it's aimed at 6 years of age and over so I am well out of the target age range but yet I still loved it. I think this is a perfect alternative to the traditional chocolate calendar or a great gift at the beginning of December for that kid in your family who is really creative. So far my family have gone through and taken bits they wanted from my collection so it benefits the whole family!!  

So that's it, Christmas and New Year are over but here's to a great 2015. I'm determined this year to start drawing again so having this fun little bundle of stationary now is a nice push to get going again. 

What's your New Year's resolutions?


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