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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

New Nail colour - Whose Cider are you Drinking?


Me and my nails have a love affair. 
If you have ever read my blog or come across my Instagram you will see this love is strong and my real obsession. My recent visit to Mint Nail & Beauty to sort out my nails led me to trying out another Gelish colour called 'Whose Cider are you Drinking?' - Love the colour, love the unusual name!!
The colour itself is a deep and rich mix of what I can only describe as brown and mauve. The sparkly shimmery flecks within the colour change and manipulate the light so it never really seems to stay one solid colour. I initially thought it would look too girly for me the depth of the base tone is sooo gorgeous I couldn't resist it. I've actually had more compliments on this colour than many of the others I've had recently and I suspect it's because it does cover all occasions - it's deep enough to look professional for work but sparkly enough for going out and being all girly. 
Gelish - Whose Cider are your Drinking?
I also had this on my toes and considering I'm writing this three weeks on and it's still fab on both toes and fingernails I'd say this is a winning colour. If you are looking for an all rounder with a party attitude I'd recommend giving this one ago from your local nail salon as not only is it stunning but it will last through the holiday season!!

Here is the colour on my nails whilst I'm drinking my favourite cider in the pub, so the answer to 'Whose Cider are you Drinking? is .... well, mine!!! 

Gelish Nails

What's your favourite nail colour for the holidays?


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