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Monday, 29 December 2014

Spectrum Brush Haul

When visiting the Clothes Show Live recently I discovered the Spectrum Collections stand and snapped up some of these rather funky brushes - 6 of them to be precise.

What grabbed my attention initially was of course the amazing blue and purple tones that run through the brush heads. Second to that was the baby pink handles and the very lovely ladies selling them dressed in 50s attire - I was sold before I'd even picked one up to be honest.

Spectrum Brushes
Spectrum Brushes

 The stand itself has far too many brushes to chose from (brush nirvana really) so I ended up picking 6 as an almost core collection that I knew I would use. Plus as I hadn't used the brushes before I wanted to be really able to test them out and put them through their paces.

My Spectrum Collection

 Here's the brushes I picked up:

Domed Powder £7.99
Spectrum Domed Powder

 Killer Cheekbones Angled Powder £8.99
Spectrum Killer Cheekbones

Stubby Shader £3.99
Spectrum Stubby Shader

  Medium Fluffy Shader £4.49
Spectrum Medium Fluffy Shader

Large Fluffy Shader £4.99
Spectrum Large Fluffy Shader

And purely because I forgot to take a picture, I also grabbed the Tulip Eye Contour £4.99

Spectrum Brushes
Spectrum Brush Haul

I really have loved using these brushes so far and I'm still in shock about how good value they are. I've used other brushes from collections in the same price bracket as Spectrum and the quality has been extremely disappointing so all in all I've been surprised. I began using these thinking if nothing else they will look awesome on my makeup table but now they are fast becoming my favourite brushes.
If you want to snap up some of these fab brushes you can on the SpectrumCollections website. As an extra plus I have just seen they are now on SALE so I'm off to grab some before they sell out!!

Have you used Spectrum brushes? What did you think?
*NOT a sponsored post! *


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