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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Perfect Strangers Project

When I read about the 'Perfect Strangers' project the concept immediately appealed to me. The idea of sharing gifts, memories and hand written letters with complete strangers across the globe is simply beautiful.

The project comes around every November by Oh Comely Magazine and all you have to do is sign up and wait to be matched with someone across the globe. Once you are matched you are sent the name and address and have until a certain date to send off your box. The project site does list ideas of things you can send such as wintry treats, modern day messages in a bottle or just a simple photocopy of what's in your bag as you are encouraged to be creative in your communication.
Some examples of Perfect Strangers Boxes:
Perfect Strangers
Perfect Strangers
Perfect Strangers

I was really excited to see who I would be partnered with and had thoughts of it being someone from Thailand or New Zealand so when I got someone in Brighton I was slightly disappointed. I know the point of it is a perfect stranger anywhere in the world so I took it on the chin and decided to make it the best box of loveliness as possible. 

When you are sent the name and address of your match you are also sent a small bio of information that they gave when they registered. The only detail I was given was that they were a student and nothing else so I pretty much ran with that. I filled my box with stationary, pretty pink things, beauty products, relaxation products and tea - all the things I thought a stressed student may use to do their work and relax after. I also included a handwritten letter explaining why I'd packed what I had and that I wished them luck in their studies.

Once I had packed it all and posted my box off I actually forgot completely about it. About a week or so later an email popped up in my inbox from my match Abi. 

Hi Becky,
It's Abi your perfect stranger, just wanted you to know that I received your package this morning! Your package has made my week, I have been very stressed out with uni work as I have a deadline next week and your package cheered me up so much. Thank you, for being so thoughtful, they are so me as well I love things like that! 
Love Abi xxx 

I was so pleased to read that she loved the box and it gave me that warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach. It was lovely think it made her smile during a stressful time so I was pleased I could help.

Now I haven't mentioned what box I received in return as the reality is I haven't had one. Again, it would have been lovely to have received thoughtful gifts from my perfect stranger and I am disappointed but I know that's not the point and the risk you take getting involved. Saying all this I will take part in this again next year as I love the idea and in fact I''m going to try and do similar things all year round - it's fun to be nice!!

If you'd like to read more on the Perfect Strangers Project click HERE. Alternatively for ideas on how to spread some kindness read my previous blog 'Random Acts of Kindness' 

Have a great day!


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