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Monday, 8 December 2014

My #Nextmas Wishlist

I love Christmas and of course you always see so many beautiful things around that you want and can't really afford them all. I window shop regularly and since I love writing lists this seemed like a natural thing to do. Next challenged us bloggers to make a Christmas or #Nextmas Wishlist so here's mine!  

1. Black PU Leggings £28
I live in black jeans so I think this is the glam step up for them - plus they'll go with everything!!

2. Fairisle Pattern Sweater £30
I don't do Christmas jumpers really so this for me is a happy medium. I love the snowflake design and it looks super comfy!!

3. Brushed Cowl Neck Sweater in Mono £30
Just because this is GORGEOUS!!

4. Borg Lined Sludge Boots £90
I'm addicted to wearing boots so these beauts would be a very welcome addition to my collection. 

5. Structured Tote Bag £38
This bag is that go to bag that suits everyone and goes with everything. Also being structured you don't have to worry about things getting crushed and damaged!!

6. Premium Crystal Effect Flower Statement Necklace £28
I'm going to save hard for most of this list because now I've written it down the desire for me to have it all is too much!!

What's on your wishlist?


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