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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Clothes Show Live - The Fashion Show

If you saw my post yesterday you will have had a tour of the Clothes Show Live 2014 and read my adoration of the Fashion Show this year. Because I am so damn impressed by it and took far too many photos this post is dedicated to the show itself, the dancers and models. This post is waaaaay image heavy but is sectioned out into each fashion line/ dance routine (what I've named them anyway) so you can get a clear idea of how the show ran. 

Brights - Fashion
Fashion Brights
Clothes Show Audience

Work Wear / Work Dance Routine
Mens workwear
Sexy Workwear

Ice Queen 
Ice Queen Fashion
Ice Queen Fashion

Coney Island Dance Routine/Alice Vandy
Alice Vandy
Alice Vandy USA
Model humping monsters inc
Model with Mickey

New York Fashion Week Catwalk

Summer Holiday - Postcards from the beach

Studio 54 Dance Routine

Final Dance Routine / Alice Vandy

Dark Fantasy Catwalk

After my gripes yesterday with the offerings at The Clothes Show I'm going to end this post on a high. I would happily pay to see the dancers in their own show as they were talented and fun but also interacted with the models well keeping the show fluid. Big congratulations are due to the organising teams on this behind the scenes as I'm sure it was stressful and hard work but I can tell you now, from an audience member point of view - it was AMAZING!!

What did you think of this years show?


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