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Friday, 7 November 2014

The Whittington Arms, Lichfield

The Whittington Arms

I don't think I've ever really done a restaurant review before so this is a first for me. As I tend to eat out at least once a week a friend of mine suggested I should write about the places I go so she can see and get some tips - so here you are Lucy, my Yummy Eats series :)

The first destination was one I visited last night named The Whittington Arms in Lichfield. We headed there for 7:30pm and as it's on a very dark country road we did miss it on the first pass! The building itself is quite impressive which a mix of architectural styles which I love and was lit up to great effect (I didn't take a photo as I was far too hungry to stop outside!)

Inside we were greeted and lead to our table past a mix of wooden supports and etched glass divides. The whole place is a very quirky, modern mix that feels very open but still intimate when you sit down. 
Now on to the food...

I ordered the Home-made West Country beef burger with mustard mayo, smoked cheddar, relish, fries (£9.95) and added pulled pork for an extra £2.50 because I simply was intrigued to have it on a burger. 
Burger and Fries

The wooden plate of yumminess arrived and of course I had picked the messiest burger ever!!! I really enjoyed the burger itself as you could tell the meat was very fresh and homemade by the chefs and was packed full of flavour. I wasn't so much a fan of the cheese but as they say 'you don't know until you try.' 

The chips were also very tasty and there was just enough for me to load onto the burger in addition to everything else. Now my cousin thought I was very weird doing this but surely I'm not the only one who puts chips on their burger?!?

Pulled Pork Burger

Even though I was feeling full I could not resist the chocolate brownie with Glensown vanilla ice cream (£4.95) - Look at the pure heaven on a plate!!!! I have to say here it was the brilliant host who suggested this pudding and he was 100% right, I LOVED it!!! 
Fudge Cake
The Whittington Arms

I think this restaurant is perfect for everything from a very romantic evening to a great family meal as it offers a warm, welcoming environment but with the high standards and elegance of a top class brasserie. If you are ever in Lichfield and fancy a really lovely evening head over to the Whittington Arms, you won't be disappointed! 
*This is NOT a sponsored - I LOVE food so am more than happy to pay for it!!*


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