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Monday, 24 November 2014

Smiggle - "Where a smile meets a giggle"


Unless your head has been buried in the sand recently you will have seen Smiggle stores popping up everywhere. 

Smiggle are an Australian brand who have been constantly growing over the past 11 years taking over the world with their 160 stores and there's more on the way! They have been building momentum in the UK and I was lucky enough to be able to visit on their first trading evening in Birmingham's Bullring.

Smiggle Birmingham

On walking into the store I was met by a smorgasbord of colour and stationery products - wall to wall fun! What struck me though first was a little girl dragging her mom into the store straight to the pink section and picking what she wanted for Christmas. I'm a huge stationery geek so instantly recognised that look in her eyes of sheer excitement and that need to own everything!

Smiggle Stock
Smiggle Chalk

I cannot tell you how happy mooching through all the bags, pens, books and of course pencil cases (for the geek in me) made me - I actually began listing all the things I wanted to get not just for me but also for my nieces who love to draw! 

One of my favourite things I added to my list is the Smiggle Berry Shake Pencil case because it's sooo damn cute and comes in all the major colours!!! Such a cleaver design for both adults and kids!

Smiggle Shake

Here's some of the amazing colour walls:

Smiggle Black and Red
Smiggle Pink
Smiggle Green
Smiggle Fun

I loved meeting the Smiggle team and thanks to Georgie for inviting me down to the launch. I throughly enjoyed learning about the brand and also how charitable and kind they are. They are so heavily involved in encouraging children's literacy and learning and recently really pushed a letter writing campaign that they will soon display in stores on their electronic signage. I've talked recently here on Bbyb about how much a handwritten note or letter can really change someones day for the positive so I am looking forward to reading what the children wrote and seeing their writing styles.

The way the stores are laid out and their product ranges also helps cognitive learning for children who have learning disabilities such as autism. This simple fact tells me that this is not only a brand with amazing products but also a huge heart and who actively give back to their customers. I'd highly recommend popping into a Smiggle if you pass by one as you will leave with not only a smile on your face but I'm sure with lots of very cool stationery stuff for your collection! 

On another note I also met up with the gorgeous Carolin of Lunch Break Adventures and we chatted after the event about blogging life and cinema - needless to say I love her and her blog loads so check her out!

Are you addicted to stationery?


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