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Monday, 17 November 2014

Random Acts of Kindness

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For me being kind is something I actively try to do and spread positivity as much of possible. This may be something as simple as trying to make someone smile, making a cup of tea or offering to help a colleague but I do actively try and just be nice. I've always liked the pay it forward mentality so I've been putting it into practice and would encourage you to try to do the same. 

If you want to spread some positivity and are stuck for simple ways to be kind here's some ideas:

1) Send someone a hand written letter
2) Hold open the door for someone
3) Give a compliment
4) Say Good Morning/Afternoon to a stranger
5) Leave a funny post it in a random place 
6) Spend time with the elderly
7) Be a courteous driver
8) Offer someone your seat on the train
9) Donate clothes to your local shelter
10) and if nothing else smile - it's contagious! 
The latest kind thing me and the bf did was give all our arcade ticket wins to a random mom and her son in the arcade. Sounds silly but my bf is hella good on those machines and we had well over 1000 tickets in ten minutes so that kid could pick whatever he wanted from the prize section! Yes these acts of kindness can seem also a little selfish as you do benefit by feeling good but I think it's just the kindness circle doing it's thing. 

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The most recent kind thing that happened to me and was completely out of the blue was The Two Fairies gave me a spa voucher so I can go and treat myself. I actually welled up when I saw this in my inbox as I was shocked at their kindness to a random stranger and due to a bad back it will come in handy. I see this as the kindness circle working it's way around again.

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I know this post is a little random but I want to spread a little joy and hopefully inspire some kindness!!

Did you know there is a random acts of kindness week and a supporting foundation? If you would like more information on them or any other kindness foundation (it's good to see there are so many!!) just Google - you really can find acts of kindness anywhere.....


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