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Monday, 10 November 2014

nspa Instant Blur Primer

I've become slightly obsessed with finding the perfect primer for me skin lately so when a new one was dropped into my bag at #FABBbirmingham I was more than pleased. The bright pink packaging contains the nspa Instant Blur Primer which I had never tried before and in fact had never heard of before. 

I've used this primer now for around 10 days under different amounts of makeup to really give it a fair trial. It's main attractive feature to me was the microspheres that 'reduce the appearance of open pores' so this is what my review will focus on.

The Primer is part of a skin care ritual set up by nspa to improve their customers overall skin quality with the primer being the number 3 'Treat' stage (hence the large 3 on the tube.) I haven't tried the rest of the range to be able to comment on how it works as part of the routine but I do like the brands colour coding and simple information that makes it accessible to all users.

I've found you really do have to shake up the bottle to mix the product up before use as other wise it comes out as a rather watery, weird mess. Once properly shaken and and pumped out it does get thicker but not to a moisturiser consistency. It's a hard one to describe but it's not a negative it's just I haven't come across anything quite like it.

You need around a 10p size amount to give your face a light coverage but I do use a little more around my t-zone as I'm very oily there. It builds up nicely and blends into the skin very quickly without leaving any form of excess residue.

For me this primer is ok for the price range it falls into. For me I prefer one that really tackles or at least attempts to tackle my oily skin issues which I don't feel this one does amazingly well. I will say that my pores aren't as noticeable when I have this on but to give it credit maybe you do have to use it as part of the nspa range for maximum effect. I've done some searching online and found out you can pick up this primer and the rest of the nspa range at your local Asda for £5 so I think I'm going to give it another go with the other steps in the routine from nspa. 

In other news:
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