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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Review: Nip+Fab Yoga Blend Body Lotion

Toga Blend

I picked up Yoga Blend by Nip+Fab because I was in need of a new body lotion and the lilac colour of the packaging & product immediately drew me in. I had tried some of the Nip+Fab range before so I knew it was good quality but was intrigued by some of it's claims.....

The official blurb:
Moisturise + unwind with this skin softening body lotion. A calming scent of soothing lavender, rose + warming coconut helps to de-stress body + mind, whilst glycolic, lactic + salicylic acids help to refine + improve skin texture.

It was that last part 'refine + improve skin texture' that I really wanted to test as I have found my skins tone and texture has altered as I've aged. I now want to make sure I keep my skin looking and feeling as best as possible for as long as I can.

How I use it:
I normally body brush before I have a shower and then apply the yoga blend after I'm towel dry. I do quite enjoy the process of application as I find massaging skin beneficial, especially around my bum and lower legs at it's great for toning and smoothing. It may all be in my head but since I've started using this I've found this area in particular to have a more even skin tone and my cellulite (yes I'm human) has dramatically decreased. 

The scent is also very pleasant which is a huge bonus and as the texture is very light and liquidy so sinks very quickly into my skin. Overall I'm a real fan of Yoga Blend as this little part of my night time shower/pamper session is very relaxing after a hard day at work and the fact that the product really works is pretty darn amazing. 

I grabbed this for about £9 on Superdrug.com but I now see that it's down to £4.25 which is such a bargain!! I've already purchased two more as I like to have reserves so that's me stocked up for a long time! If you are looking for a great body moisturiser to help your skin-tone I'd thoroughly recommend this as not only does it work but it's such good value. 

Do you have a night time routine? What products do you use?


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