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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Quick Q & A: My Tattoos

I didn't really think anyone would ever be interested in my tattoos but turns out I was wrong and thanks to Instagram I've had lots of questions! This is just a quick Q and A on the ones I do have a glimpse of the future.

What was your first tattoo?
My first tattoo session for me actually ended up being two tattoos. The first was a marble on my left ankle and the second a penny farthing on my right wrist - both were a mistake which I'll come to later.

How many do you have?
I have three in total but this numbers about to grow!!

Did it hurt?
Short answer here is yes. It was no where near as much as I thought but there is some modicum of pain.

Which tattoo hurt the most?  
By far my hummingbird on my foot. It wasn't too bad initially but once I'd hit the 3 1/2 hour point it became really tough especially around my ankle and toes - ouchy!! Still lasted until it was done though like a trooper!!!

So here's a look at my trio:
The Marble

The marble tattoo for me has the most meaning but sadly it's not portrayed correctly. I did all the research and read reviews on the tattooist I went with but it still did not come out well. I also got my penny farthing done at the same time and I left feeling very disappointed. I see this as a lesson learnt and to be fixed at a later date. (Ignore Roxy trying hide under my dodgy foot)

Penny Farthing

As I said this was another disappointment. Originally it looked wonky, the lines were odd shapes and overall it wasn't right so when I got my hummingbird I asked the amazing tattooist to fix it, which she did. I now LOVE it and so many people notice it and ask so it's a great conversation starter! 


This is my most detailed, most amazing tattoo - I ADORE it!! It was done during a 4 hour session at Modern Body Art in Birmingham by the super amazing Charlotte Timmons who took my love of Costa's Hummingbird's and turned it into tattoo reality!! The detail and colour is just insane - love, love, love! 

One major question I get asked alot, especially after people see my hummingbird tattoo, is what do your parents think? 
My mom and dad were of course horrified that I have even had tattoos, even though my younger brother is basically covered, and made sure I knew it. I can understand why they were a little upset as it was unexpected of me I think but they love me no matter what. My usual response to this question though is I have no idea, please feel free to ask them - it really confuses people!

Will you have any more?
I can't say either way if I will have any more. Saying that I do know exactly what I would have but the issue is where - once that clicks as it did for my others I will probably be found in a tattooists chair happily adding to my collection.

and the final question, aren't you afraid of showing them online?
I know how some people react when others show their tattoos to the online world as they can be just screen shotted and copied. I like to think people are more creative than to have an exact copy of an another persons tattoo but you never know. I'm doing this because I love my hummingbird tattoo especially and wanted to answer peoples questions honestly and show what the hell I was talking about!

Some inspiration:
BTW if you love tattoos check out Claire Marshall aka HeyClaire on YouTube if you haven't already or Cervena Fox on Instagram because both are uber tattooed babes and my girl crushes!!!

Cervena Fox
Claire Marshall

If you have any questions I didn't answer please leave them below :) + Send me those tattoo picks because I'd love to see them!


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