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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer

I'm on the hunt for that one awesome primer, you know that holy grail primer that once discovered you will never be without. For me a not so recent discovery came into my routine again - Laura Mercier's Oil Free Foundation Primer.

Laura Mercier Primer
Laura Mercier oil free primer

I have had this in my primer collection for around a year, maybe more, just sitting there unloved and unopened. I turned back to it recently because everything I was using seemed to flare up my skin and I had to find something that not only dealt with that but really worked to moisturise as well as prime.

This out of all the primers I've tried so far has for me the nicest texture. It's very smooth and rich to the consistency of a moisturiser and melts into my skin with ease. Of late I'be been having a real issue with dry patches and random break outs and by using this before my favourite foundation I've seen a real difference in my makeup finish but also how long my makeup lasts throughout the day.

Laura Mercier oil free primer

I find that I have less shine in my t-zone and the dry patches around my nose aren't so visible throughout the day and only needs a powder touch up if I got beyond 7-8 hours. What is also key to note is that it doesn't effect the consistency and finish of my foundation as I have found with other primers that I end up with excess shine where there shouldn't be!  Another major plus is there is very little smell to this product which is important as I always find the smellier the product (good or bad), the more my skin becomes irritated. 

The tube I have is huge and since only a small amount goes a very long way I suspect I'll be using it for the foreseeable future. I've also been using it on my neck just as a new part of my routine and have really been enjoying how my skin feels there. 

I think it's going to be tough now for me to find a primer to beat this one. I got mine from Selfridges for £29 so it isn't the cheapest of products but I think it's well worth the investment. It's also given me the push to try more of the Laura Mercier range as I haven't tried any of the makeup range yet! 

What's your favourite foundation?


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