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Thursday, 6 November 2014

A Colour Masterclass with Umberto Giannini

Colour Masterclass

On Tuesday night I was invited to the Umberto Giannini colour masterclass at the salon within Selfridges, Birmingham. Of course being completely in love my hair, ok let's be honest I'm obsessed with my hair, I was more than excited to go and see what the salon had to offer. 

Umberto Giannini products

The event was from 6pm - 8pm and was actually quite intimate with only around 10-12 attendees. I arrived early and was given quite a large glass of prosecco, a very yummy oreo cupcake and sat down in a rather luxurious waiting area. This area was lovely as I got to chat to everyone who was attending and found out we had everything from working hairdressers, artists, police officers and an architect - quite the mixed bunch!!

After everyone had arrived we were then taken around onto the main salon floor and sat on the salon chairs that were turned to face the far wall. From there were introduced to the Autumn / Winter hair colour collection through a series of videos and colour inspiration talks. 

Could find this video in English.... 

I found this section of the talk really interesting as we were shown through the reasoning of why the colours were created and how an Umberto Giannini hairdresser will help you pick one that is right for you as the customer. One of the major points they discussed is knowing their client's makeup bag and hair care routine as they as a brand want to make sure their client's can manage and maintain a new colour and it not mean they have to go out and buy a whole new makeup collection - how very caring!!

We were then introduced to each of the salon staff and told to ask them as many questions as possible.  I grabbed the nearest person who turned out to be one of the lead colour experts! He really examined my hair and scalp to determine the direction we should go in for my future dream colour (which is VERY blonde.) I loved the detailed advice and tips and tricks we went through and I learnt so much from just a half an hour chat!! 

I then got to have a complimentary manicure with the lovely ladies from HC LuxSpa which was just the cherry on the cake! It was great to speak with Lauren, the nail bar manager again and as I hadn't worn colour on my nails for some time it was great to see then all dark and autumny again!

Autumn Manicure

I want to say a big thank you to all the lovely people at Umberto Giannini Birmingham for inviting me along, for all the great advice and of course the amazing goody bag! I've already booked my first appointment with them so will update you on the real salon experience when I go - Blondeness here I come!!! 

Have you ever tried the Umberto Giannini salons or products before? What do you think of them?

*This is NOT a sponsored post!!*


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