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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Quick Review: One brush to rule them all

 I have had my Real Techniques Setting Brush (£8.99) for a very long time ago and didn't really use it very much at first. It looked nice and was good for powder use but I didn't really go beyond using it for anything else.

Real Techniques Setting Brush

Following a couple of holidays where this brush has come along, I discovered to my surprise, that of all my brushes I reach for this one the most. To really put this theory to the test I decided on a recent weekend break (check out my Instagram for the snaps from that) to only take my setting brush and nothing else.
I used it for my foundation, concealer, blush, blending and tried it with a whole array of makeup techniques to really put it through it's paces. It turns out you can do pretty much anything with it which is probably due to it's long soft bristles and dense tip.

Real Techniques Setting Brush

I'm of course not saying you can do a full smokey eye then your full face makeup because that would just get messy but using this with a plan and some reason you really will get a great result.

As part of my daily routine at home it is mainly used for concealer, setting my under eye makeup and occasionally highlighting but it will now forever be my go to travel brush!

Real Techniques Setting Brush

For me this brush really can do it all so I will be buying another one as a back up. Sounds mad but I always buy a back up of things I love just in case! I do also own most of the Real Techniques range so you may see more reviews coming where they try and steal my affections...

What's you favourite makeup brush?


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