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Friday, 3 October 2014

Warner Bros Studio Tour - Harry Potter

If you've seen posts on this millions of times then sorry but here's another one! I went with family and we all had a blast!

I'm not the greatest of Harry Potter fans so I went to see all the behind the scenes artistry and makeup and fell in love with how the movies were made.

The tour is beyond amazing and instead of me harping on here's some pics from my day with Harry Potter:
Harry Potter Great Hall
Slytherin all the way!!
Slytherin Uniform

Sorting Hat
Shades of Pink
My favourite part of the tour was speaking to a lady who worked on hair and makeup who let me in on some inside tricks!
Harry Potter Hair and Makeup
Yay Hagrid's house:
Hagrid's House
 Kind of in love with Snape....
snape Love
 And on to Diagon Alley...
Diagon Alley
 The special effects masks were intense!! 
 We had some fun during our lunch break...
And all the designs on display were just mesmerizing - the work that wen into every piece of the films is just astonishing. 
The BF's favourite part of the day:

 Have you been? What was your favourite part?


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