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Friday, 24 October 2014

Skincare; Proactiv+

Thinking back on it now I've always had acne prone skin. I used to think it didn't affect me constantly but I do remember one specific time in my life where I was at rock bottom and my bad skin was one page in a very sad teenage book.

We went to America during that time and came across Proactiv+ in the aisles of what must have been a Walmart and it serious changed my skin and in turn, my confidence. So to now, when I got offered the chance to try out their new range, of course I had no question in accepting.


The new and improved 3 step system is what I'd been sent and as it's designed for acne prone skin I was already happy. 

The official blurb talks about the 'patented formula designed to fight blemishes with more hydration for clear, radiant skin' which all sounds brilliant and of course with my past history I would tend to believe it. But saying all that I did a longer than normal trial period with the new system (around 2 months) to be sure of the results and move beyond my biase.

Now for a little skin bio here - my skin in oily/combination. I do get weird dry patches and major breakouts when hormonal so my skin runs the full remit of weird.

Here's how I've used it to tackle my weird skin:

3 Step System

Step 1: Cleanse
This first step is actually my favourite. The liquid contains very gentle exfoliating beads which you use in circular motions to lift the dead skin cells, oil, general rubbish of the skins surface to unclogg the pores. I find straight after this my skin feels particularly soft especially around my nose and chin where I get a strange mix of oily and dry skin. 

Step 2: Pore Targeting Treatment

They call this the 'powerhouse' of the trio containing 'smart Target technology' and hands up here, the only part of the trio I was dubious about. I have excessively large pores hence the oily skin and have tried many a product to combat them so this for me was the real test. After massaging this into my skin I do feel it working and fingers crossed that means it's toning and tightening my pores. It's also meant to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles which I don't have that many if yet so here's to prevention!

Step 3: Hydrate 

The last step in this little programme is the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator. This stage is very soothing and leaves my skin very bright. It contains one of the best ingredients for acne prone skin; salicylic acid and tops the trio off. 
I've done this routine every night for the first month and every other night since and found it really easy and enjoyable. 

I also was given the cleansing body bar and Skin Purifying Mask as part of my kit which I haven't used as often so will hold my thoughts until I've trialed properly.

Proactiv Soap 

My thoughts on the Proactiv+ Brand:

Nicole for Proactiv

I like how Proactiv+ not only pick superstars as their faces but make sure that they are relatable, by relatable I mean that they also have very bad skin. Now in most cases you wouldn't know people such as Nicole Scherzinger have bad skin due to layers of makeup and photoshop but I suppose taking on the campaign involves not only getting paid but also highlighting the flaws in your skin.

The brand also holds a special place in my heart because of how it saved my confidence in my teens. I know that may come across a little dramatic but I was at my lowest low and the glimmer of good skin then, onto great skin cheered me up. 

The Results:
As my skin isn't so bad now I'm older I did think I may not see much of a difference and to my pleasure I was wrong. My skin tone had vastly improved and my pores seemed to have shrunk dramatically. The main difference for me is in the level of my break out severity as the acne is there for a day maximum and then gone. Also the severity when they flare up is pretty minimal so easily covered by makeup - another plus!!

If you are a teen with problem skin please try this range. Now I know I was given this to try so I do understand the skepticism but even before that I would have pointed you towards Proactiv+. Even if your are older with problematic skin give it a go because then you don't have to believe me you can see for yourself. 
For  a short time you can get the 3 step system for £19.99 so really it's a cheap fix...

Do you struggle with bad skin? How do you cope?


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