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Saturday, 4 October 2014


I was very lucky to be invited to Lush Solihull's Bloggers Christmas launch where we got a sneak peak of all the new and beautiful things they have for the up coming season. I had a brilliant time not only learning about the Christmas goodies but also about the brands philosophy and how each piece is made - needless to say I was fascinated! 

Here's some pics from the evening and some of my favourite things from the new collection:

Lush Bath bombs

The variety of pre wrapped Christmas boxes is astounding and each has their own theme. These are of course the perfect gift choice for Christmas as they will really demand attention under that tree!

Lush Christmas gifts
These Sparkler bath bombs look fabulous and leave your bath full of pretty glitter - What's not to love! 
Wizard Bubble Bar

One of my favourite things for kids in the Christmas Collection was the Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar. It's just fabulous to make little kids feel special before bath time and they can play during - Snapped them up for my nieces!

Magic Wand

Another great one for the kids (or even us grown ups) is the Butterbear with his soft sponge centre - This also went in the basket for the nieces :)

Bubble Bear

This Dashing Santa Clause has popping candy in the feet so he dances around the bath - AMAZING! As you may be able to tell by now I'm just a big kid!

Santa Bath Bomb
Ickle Baby Bot
Snow Fairy

I ended up being the last one in the shop, nattering away and filling my basket. It was a really lovely night and was all thanks to the Lush Solihull team :)

Lush Shopping Basket
Lush Solihull Team

Everything went on Sale on Friday so you can snap them up on your next visit! Let me know what you love and I'll add it to my collection :)


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