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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

I love laser hair removal. 

Being a busy bee and somewhat lazy at times means this takes all the stress and hassle out of my hair removal routine. I'm currently about to have session 3 of my course for full bikini, half leg and underarms.
The picture above is my legs sectioned up by the therapist so she keeps track of where is done - looks weird right?

As part of a course you get 6 sessions on each area which are spaced between 4-6 weeks apart (the therapist doing it will be more precise on the times for you) and for me it takes about an hour. 
I've told a couple of people I have this done and I get tonnes of questions so here's my answers for some of the most asked:

Does it hurt?
Well yes and no. I may have a particularly high pain threshold so really don't feel much at all. What is a little uncomfortable is the cold air that gets pumps over your skin to numb it - I'm not good with the cold! 

How long does it take?
In my case for full bikini, half leg and underarms takes an hour each session but this will vary dependent on how many areas you have. 

How long do the results last?
In theory a life time but of course I can't comment on that right now! I have read you may need top up treatments every few years or so after but the reality is it depends on how your hair follicles react.

Have you seen results?
100% yes! Since my first treatment my return hair growth has been really limited and in some areas gone all together. I'm only on treatment three so I;m expecting amazing results at the end. 
How much does it cost?
Well I'm not going to lie it's pricey but I figure balanced out with what I would have spent on razors etc it's well worth it. I paid around £1000 during an offer period at Skin Health Spa  and I would pay it time and time again for the results I know I'll get.
If you are thinking about having this done here's some advice that I think may help.

My advice:

1) Go for a consultation somewhere reputable - The cheaper the place the less likely it is to work in my opinion. I researched heavily and asked advice from people in the industry into the type of machine that would be best used on me. Different companies use different machines so one does not work for all in this case. I am very pale so this matters alot as some machines do not work on certain skin types.

2) Book appointments in advance - This has been the major pain for me when trying to get appointments. This is due to everyone booking courses so the good times and dates get booked fast! 

3) Be patient - The course is very long and spaced out so don't give up in between and don't stop following your therapists advice.

4) and finally just relax - Don't be nervous before you go to have your consultation and treatments. The therapists have seen and treated sooo many people with varying hair issues so don't be embarrassed or shy because they are the real professionals and are lovely.

I'll update this post once my course is finished so  can let you know the final results!

Have you tried laser hair removal?

*This is NOT a sponsored post. I work hard for my cash and spend it on things I love*


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