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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Going Blonder at Saks

I am a woman on a mission..... a mission to be blonde again.

I've gone through many hair changes so far in my life which you can read about here  and I made a decision to get back to blonde the second I went very very brown - stupid I know!!   

My favourite hairdresser Nathan is leaving the UK soon to go travel the world (so jealous) so we have a very distinct time frame to get me back to blonde but in as healthy way as possible (he literally had to talk me out of dying it platinum in one hit and burning my hair to smithereens!!) 

He recently moved salons also so of course being a loyal client followed suit to his new home of Saks.... 

Saks Sutton Coldfield

The Saks I visited is in Sutton Coldfield and is brand spanking new. As you all know I'm dubious about new hairdressers & salons so this to me was a leap of faith. 

Walking in as the salon opened (oh yes I'm an early bird) I was greeted by friendly faces so that initial reservation disappeared and of course, being nosey I had a good look around. The salon itself is not only very beautiful and spacious but doesn't feel pretentious or unwelcoming unlike many I have visited so my mind was at rest.

Whilst Nathan was working his magic I heard a voice say 'would I liked my nails done whilst your hair was being worked on?'...... can you imagine my shocked face?? The answer of course is obvious and I actually had my nails done whilst in the chair which made me delightfully happy. The salon had become even more heavenly in that moment and fed my nail colour addiction :) 

The results were gorgeous and below (Ignore the chip and dry cuticles as this was about 8 days after):

Gold Nails

After that bit of bliss and many, many hours of having my hair done and that shock nail treat my hair was done - here's the result:

bbyb blonde

It's a lot blonder now (compared to my current profile pic) but we still have a way to go to get me to where I want to be. On brighter days the colour is alot more noticeable and I love the tones that run through it. I can't wait for my next appointment now :) *Don't go Nathan lols!!!!* 

Any of you blondes out there got any hair care tips for me?

*This is NOT a sponsored post!*


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