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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A Quick Update on B by B!

As I've been quiet lately I wanted to give you a quick update on B by B!

Here's the low down:

I was recently hacked so am slowly regaining control of my site again which has taken far longer than originally thought - rather traumatic to know someones been routing about in here! This is why my posts have been sporadic to none existent but all this is about to change.....

What's coming up:

I recently attended #FABBbimingham where I met so many amazing bloggers and brands so will be telling you all about it.

An update on my #gymbunny series and everything fitness and health.

More recipes as I've been learning to cook :)

Lots more beauty and hair product reviews (hey I'm a #bblogger so it's what I love to do!)

And finally a little but of a face-lift for the blog is on the cards...

Personal Goals

I would love to write for more publications and build my profile as a writer. I also want to continue to meet other bloggers as it really is a joy to meet people who have the same passions and obsessions as me!

So that's the low down.... Add your bloglovin links in the comments as I'd love to add more to my reading collection whilst I'm getting back up and running! 


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