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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Why I'm still in love with Tumblr

Me and Tumblr have a long term love.
When I look back through my Tumblr feed it really does represent how I was feeling or what inspired me at the time I posted to Tumblr. For instance currently me, pastel pink hair and Disney are having a three-way and this is really shown through my feed:

Another example is that early in the year I was really into blue hair and animal print:

I have had my Tumblr now for years and think of all my social media it is visually the most me. I love being able to throw together an almost story line of images of things I like or what I am feeling at that moment in time. 

So there's my little love note to Tumblr. If you want to check mine out click HERE

I love seeing other peoples Tumblr's so please post your links below  and Ill have a look + follow


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