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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tuesday Treats: Cake on a diet?

I am trying to be good in my diet, like really good. The older I get the more I realise food is the key to a healthier life.
You see the posters everywhere and you know that eating right is what you have to do to achieve that phenomenal body but my gosh is there a whole heap of yummy temptations out there.

My favourite treat is chocolate fudge cake and I tried for a month to give that and all other treats up for good. Turns out I found it impossible as I have no will power to deny myself something I really want. 
This made me feel horrendous for a while until I realised that I should allow myself small portions of what I really love and not deny them myself as it makes me want them more. 

I'm sure while reading this you are thinking isn't she stupid just figuring this out but I honestly think this is something I needed to come to on my own in my own time. In my fitness journey so far I hit that vastly spoken of 'wall' so I'm hoping changing my diet will knock it down.

Here's to eating small portions of lovely and seeing those abs return soon!

Whats your favourite temptation? 


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