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Thursday, 11 September 2014

#Review: Bleach Silver Shampoo & Conditioner

BLEACH Silver shampoo and conditioner

I have been on a long journey to be blonde again. 
I almost got there once three years ago and due to how much damage my hair had been through I gave up and turned back to the dark side.

Roll on three years of longing and heavily stalking hair magazine editorials for blonde styles, to me deciding I needed to be blonde again.  So in round 2 I have decided to it slowly and make sure I use the right products to make it last along the way. 

This time around I have researched heavily into how to stop my hair becoming brassy and the obvious choice is purple/silver shampoos. I had seen the new Bleach range in Boots and decided well, I LOVE the Bleach London Tumblr and general style so wheres the harm in trying their range.....

BLEACH Silver shampoo and conditioner

I purchased both the shampoo and conditioner as I thought I may as well go full throttle on the purple front. 

Here's what both shades of purple look like...

Shampoo purple:
BLEACH Silver shampoo and conditioner

The shampoo is very deep in colour and my first thoughts mainly involved my fear of staining my shiny white bathroom tiles. FYI it doesn't!!! I was surprised that it lathered up really well all over my hair and actually has quite a pleasant smell.

Conditioner Purple:
BLEACH Silver shampoo and conditioner

The conditioner is much lighter and due to my very thick hair I do have to use quite a lot to get full coverage. Through trialling this my only negative is that they don't sell massive salon sizes (which I usually buy) so I suspect I will go through this like wild fire!!

BLEACH Silver shampoo and conditioner

So a couple of months into using these beauties and I'm on batch number two (MAKE BIGGER SIZES BLEACH!) and loving them! My hair after using them always feels silky and soft and I am beginning to see an overall lift in my blonde tone. Currently I'm in that horrible transition stage and still a mix of brunette and blonde so I think once I get to platinum this will be part of my hair care staples. Also, once I'm platinum I CANNOT wait to use all the Bleach colour dyes that they have.... hair heaven!!! 

If you have any blonde hair care tips let me know as I'm always keen to expand my skill and product set.

*This is NOT a sponsored post - these beauties were bought with my own hard earned mulah*


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