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Monday, 15 September 2014

#gymbunny: Pole Dancing

When starting my #gymbunny series of course I had already considered pole dancing to be a class I should do. I had tried it with some old work colleagues about three years ago and found it to be fun but doing it alone is something different, some thing new.

Pole Dancing Class

I did some major searching and found a local firm who had opened up a school 20 minutes away from my house and decided to give it a go. Luckily when I got there it was a very small class and the ladies attending lovely to speak to. I did feel at ease but due to the class not having a specific level assigned to it there was a real mix of mega experienced people and those like me who were first timers. This mix seemed to make it hard for the teacher to offer everyone support and I think if the class was full would have been impossible.

Anyway, during the class we tried various moves throughout a routine and built up to levels where one by one we all really struggled to do them properly. Your core and upper body strength are paramount and I was ensured by the teacher that the more lessons you have the stronger you become. One lady even told me she saw a real change in her form after only 4 lessons!! 

The class itself did stretch and pull my muscles and at times left me in some very uncomfortable positions. Be prepare if you go for lots of bruises, crotch soreness and overall muscle tiredness. I can see that if I carried on doing this for a long time I would really see my upper body strength improve as currently it sucks!

There are negatives for me with this class which just come down to my lifestyle.
The class I found is quite the journey from my home and at quite a late time (9pm) so I really have to make an effort to go. I know that sounds silly but at 20 minutes away this class was the closest and after a long and stressful day at work I would rather travel the 7 minutes to the gym in all honesty.

I may not continue doing this class not because it's not worth while but more the fact that I feel I need a pole at home to be able to practise and really see results rather than just doing it for an hour a week. Plus factor in the other 4 women using the same pole as me and really you only get about 15 minutes on the pole in that hour unless you want to pay an extortionate amount for individual lessons. 

This is a shame but hopefully I will work out a way in future to do this as it was fun and I'm sure with a home pole you would become ridiculously good. 
Have you tried pole dancing? Do you have your own pole? ;)


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