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Monday, 29 September 2014

DIY: Back to black

I have a real habit of never throwing a good pair of jeans away. I really struggle to find ones that hug my curves properly and when I do I will never give them up. Recently I'd noticed two of my favourite pairs (one pair of which is over 5 years old) that were originally black were now an off shade of grey and I had begun to consider throwing them away.....
That was until I tried them on once more and decided to try and save them.

I thought back to my old textiles classes at school and decided that I would try in one ditch attempt to dye my jeans back to black. Here's what I tried and how I did it:

Dylon Machine Wash Dyes

Dylon Black Dye

For two pairs of jeans I used 1 packet of Dylon 500g salt (£1.49) and two packs of Dylon Velvet Black Fabric Dye for Machine Use (£3.45pp

*side note* Throughout the process I did have some company.....

Timmy the Cat

First of all I washed the jeans in warm water - This made sure they were soacked through and ready for the dye. Then I read the instructions... seems simple but just do it.

Washing Jeans

MAKE SURE YOU WEAR PROTECTIVE GLOVES!!! This dye is harmful so please take the advised precautions if you try this at home.

Pour the salt and both packets of dye into the washing machine making sure not to get any on the floor! 

Dylon Machine Wash Dyes

Turn the machine to the cycle as stated on the packet - make sure to check the instructions on this varies for different machines so check and double check before turning that baby on. 

Then wait and watch your jeans turn back to black! Simple!

Put them out to dry on the washing line if you can as the drips that came off my jeans were still laced with dye so it saved me ruining the floor. The dye is still a little loose the first time you wash them again after dying so just wash with other black things and voila - fabulous black jeans :)

And as documented, the finished result..... back to black!!!

This has really inspired me to do more with my current wardrobe it update it so you may see some more DIY / Dye transformations soon. 

Do you have any amazing jeans? Let me know so I can add to my collection :)


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