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Saturday, 30 August 2014

The nails after the night before....

As anyone who may have stumbled across my blog before will know, I love my nails. It took me years to stop biting them (hangs head in shame) and now I treat them with the upmost care.

About three weeks ago I foolishly succumb to an urge to have acrylic nails again. They looked great for all of 7 days then I HATED them and needed them off asap which I stupidly did myself.... let's just say it did not go well. When looking at my nails on the morning after I was very annoyed at myself for being so silly but also devastated at the state of them - I needed help asap. 

Roll in Nail HQ...

I will be honest and say I hadn't come across Nail HQ before so was very intrigued when these products came through the post*. I was devastated about the horror I had impacted on my poor, poor nails so decided this was the perfect time to give the range a real try.

From the range I was sent The 'All in One', 'Hardener' and 'Ridge Filler' which is fabulous really as it's I needed the improve the health of my nails and create the perfect base for any colour. I've been using them now for around 10 days so have really been able to see the impact they have had.

All in One  (£7.99):

This little beauty out of the three is my hands down favourite so far. When reading about it I thought it may be too good to be true as it includes all sorts of minerals and argan oil which Nail HQ state will provide the moisture balance necessary to have flexible nails and prevent breakage. This then should have been just right to save my acrylicly ruined nails......?

Turns out it does just what it promises to and my nail quality has felt definitely much more improved since using this and to top it off it gives my nails a really pretty sheen.

I'm all about taking care of my nails but ideally in the easiest way possible, especially when I'm travelling so this 'All in one' is perfect for me. It's hard to convey really in images but they are quite stocky little nail polishes so won't take up dramatic space in any carry on but still pack in alot of product. 

Hardener (£6.99):

The hardener falls in to the 'treatments' section in the Nail HQ range. 
This is definitely one for those with thinner or weaker nails and was perfect for my nails when my acrylics were off. After 5 days my nails seemed stronger and in combination with the 'All in One' over the top had actually seem to encourage my nails to grow which I did not expect. It's mega shiny and packed full of minerals and collagen so I will use this when I want to give my nails a break from colour in future or if I ever have a stupid acrylic slip again..... :/

Ridge Filler (£5.99):

The 'Ridge Filler' was the only one out of the three polishes that I was very hesitant over. I've never been a fan of them from any brand as I just find them to hard to handle on my nails and generally just a strange texture. 

I will say, as you can see from the image of it on my nails, that it was very similar to others on the market and did have the very thick clumpy texture I dislike. What I will say though is it did fill in all the lines and ridges that the acrylics had left and I only had to apply one coat to give my nails a nice layer.
Please ignore the horrendous state of the skin around my nails as this also didn't fare too well during the acrylic removal process - I've been working on my skin too so it's improving!! 

From having a read about the range whilst trialling it, I love that its dedicated to nail care and to individual needs. You can now get it in Tesco, Superdrug and on Amazon so I suspect it's one of these ranges that will start to appear everywhere... you know, one of those quiet beauty ranges that actually do the job rather than just be all talk...... *cough*

My nails as of today aren't back to normal but are on the road to recovery which I am very grateful for and know these polishes have played a big part in. I hope never to have an acrylic drama again!!!!

Anyway, here the three now live in my new 5 tier nail polish storage... front and center :) It turns out I have more nail polishes than I thought!

Have you got a holy grail product you think I should try? Let me know in the comments as I still have room in my storage :)


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