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Thursday, 7 August 2014

My Liebster Award Nomination :)

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely MissBeautyTricks aka the gorgeous Rachel Trickett and what a lovely surprise the nomination was! I love the idea of an award created by bloggers for bloggers that allows us all to learn more about each other and continue to connect.

Here are the rules:
1) You must link back the person who nominated you 
2) Answer 11 questions about yourself (they should be found in the original post)
3) Next, nominate 11 new bloggers you like and give them 11 questions to answer (You can't nominate the person who nominated you!)
4) Let your nominees know they have been nominated and give them links so they can learn about it.

So here's my answers to the questions..

1) Who do you think is the most beautiful woman in the world?
Well I think my mom... sounds corny I know but she is beautiful inside and out and has raised me well :)
If you're talking celebs probably Eva Green as she's not only stunning but an amazing actress. I think true beauty always has a backbone of talent and/or morals and a real acceptance of oneself. 

Eva Green

2) What is your guilty pleasure?
80s glam rock.... no explanation needed...

3) What beauty product do you use daily?
Eyeliner. Always and forever eyeliner. My eyes are far too naked without it!

4) What is your favourite magazine?
To be honest I don't think I have a favourite anymore but I do seem to read Glamour and Elle more than any others. 

Elle vs Glamour

5) Why do you love blogging?
I really love writing and have found that it allows me to share how I feel and grow as a person.
6) What is your best feature?
Errrm I get comments on my waist alot so maybe that if you mean physical feature? 

7) What is the funniest joke you've heard recently?
I don't think I've heard a really funny joke lately but I have met some incredibly funny people recently that have made me laugh until I've cried!

8) What is your favourite food?
I have a MAJOR sweet tooth so anything along those lines is always good.  

9) What has been your blogging highlight so far?
Blogging has allowed me to meet lots of new people so I think that's a major highlight. Alongside that it's opened doors for me to write for publications :)

10) Who is your favourite person in the world?
Well actually there's two - my little 'nieces' who are twins :)

11)What's your idea of a perfect day?
To me a perfect day is any day that ends happily. Happiness to me is everything and especially if the day has involved my family or BF I'm over the moon!

And my nominees are.... (just like the Oscars!)

- Rossye (hey girl!)
- Katie
- EmilyBelleBlogs
- Charlotte Goodayle
- Becki Armstrong
- Pao Wong
- Lix Hewett
- Khrissie
- Gracey O'Connell (I know you've done it recently but hey ho!)
- Total Dolly Posh
- Queen Beady

Harry Potter Applause

My questions for you:

1) What/who makes you really happy?

2) What is your real passion?

3) Why did you start blogging?

4) Who is your favourite blogger + YouTuber?

5) What are your top 3 'desert island' products? 

6) What couldn't you live without? (this can be anything, doesn't have to be beauty related)

7) How do you stay motivated?

8) Do you have a dream job? If so what is it?

9) Something you learnt recently

10) If you had to live in a decade other than the current one, which would you choose?

11) Finally, What's one life lesson or words of wisdom you love?

I really this blog and enjoyed answering all the questions. It's a little bit of fun in the day and I really hope those I nominate enjoy my questions too!

Leave me your links in the comments section to your Liebster Award answers - I'd LOVE to read them :)

Have Fun!


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