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Friday, 29 August 2014

Lucky Dip Club: Think Happy, Ice Cream Parlour Box

I can't actually remember where I stumbled across the Lucky Dip Club.... it may have been Instagram but however I found it I'm seriously glad I did. It's basically a personalised, cute, handmadey looking version of beauty boxes but with very cool random things inside...

Lucky Dip Club

My box came on a rather gloomy day so was a lovely distraction. The theme of the box was Ice Cream Parlour which is so cute and fun!

Lucky Dip Club

Lucky Dip Club

Everything you get was detailed on a lolly pop stick which along side the hey note from Leona (the creator) was a really lovely touch to tie everything in together.

Lucky Dip Club

Lucky Dip Club

Ice Cream Necklace

You have to love a personalised ice cream necklace!! It even came in the most gorgeous sweetie packet to continue the theme.

And here's my Ice cream broach which now lives on my baby pink blazer....

Ice Cream Broach

The things that made me smile the most from this box were the 'Think Happy' pink pencil and pad that came all wrapped up in brown paper and sealed with a love paper doily. The attention to detail in this box went above and beyond what I expected with everything from the wrapping and binding to the items included being obviously very carefully thought out. 

The 'Think Happy' pad and pencil now live in my bag as I'm going to use it for when I have blogging or illustration ideas on the go because I LOVE IT!!!

Think Happy

Coming a close second favourite for me was my 'Sundae Girl' case that I got as not only is it already beautiful but you can also customise it by adding ice cream ribbon and buttons that were included inside. 

Sundae Girl

Sundae Girl

Needless to say I loved this box and the idea behind it. I will definitely be signing up for the subscription service as I'm really intrigued by the theme of the next box. 

You can buy a single box like I did for £15 or get a subscription so one will come each month. I thin it's good value for all the pretty things and hard work that obviously goes into this box which also means they are limited in number! 

What do you think of subscription services like this?

*This is NOT a sponsored post and I paid for this box with my own hard earned money! *


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