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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

It's time to own that bed head!

I have a real sleep issue of late. 
I put it down to too much sleeping over the past couple of weekends and not being able to get back in the swing of things (I know, lazy girl). I'm finding that its making it hard to function throughout the day and leaves me little time for my brain in the morning to process even making me look presentable. My bed head has been the major issue as I have a mane that needs serious maintenance and at least 30 minutes to look presentable which in the morning has become a nightmare!! 

I was contact by an American company called Casper who challenged me to tackle my bed head and share any tip and tricks I have picked up along the way. I love a challenge so here we go with my top tips:

1) Get some rest:

Casper bed

If you are really hard-core about your hair the perfect way to not only look after it but assure a solid defense against that bed head is to get a good night’s sleep. 
Getting the right amount of sleep does wonders for both your mental and physical health plus when you wake up in the morning that sleepy fog will fade faster allowing you to prepare for the day, and in my case sort out my makeup and hair! This is the one point I'm personally focusing on first as I'm getting frustrated at myself during the day.

2) Invest in a silk pillowcase:
Silk pillowcase
 Sleeping on a silk pillowcase has long been a beauty essential for beauty guru’s worldwide and is a really simple step in this weather battle. Silk pillowcases help your hair retain its own natural moisture and as silk is anti-static you end up with less of that morning frizziness to tackle! Silk also contains the same naturally occurring proteins as hair and skin which act to reduce prevent breakage in the hair shafts and can be a tool the battle against wrinkles.... all fabulous properties!
You can find great affordable silk pillowcases anywhere but my favourite is by Gingerlily for £39 - affordable and beautiful!

3) The 7 minute rule:

Alarm clock

Now go with me here. The 7 minute rule is one I've always followed when it comes to using my hair products. Once you have woken up and begun to tackle the bed head you are inevitably going to have to use some form of hair product. The trick is what ever oil or mouse or magical potion you use leave it in your hair for 7 minutes before creating your style. That way it has a chance to do its thing and makes your hair more manageable. 

A good hair oil will help seal in any style you create and once topped with hairspray adds a practically waterproof barrier onto the hairs surface... so that's a rainy day tip for you!!

4) Go with the flow:

Finally if you can do nothing else just work with the bed head you have. Embrace the disheveled rock look, be confident in your lions mane and above all else just enjoy the day!

Big hey to Casper for this little challenge! I have been reading up on the brand itself and find their design story really interesting so if you're an American reader and are hunt for a new mattress give them a try! 

* This is NOT a sponsored post and I have NOT been rewarded for it in any way!! I was contacted by Casper to see what tips I could give people in regards to their bed heads which I gladly accepted because I love a hair post!*


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