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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Bootea 14 Day Teatox Diary: Day 1 - 3

After doing my juice cleanse some time ago I felt like I wanted to try something new but along those lines. I had seen on Instagram lots of #teatox labels so decided to look into it. 

I came across three brands that seemed to be predominant in this area:
2) Bootea

I looked into all three and struggled to pick between them on quality if I'm honest. What eventually made my decision was reading reviews and seeing lots of peoples photos who had used Bootea and loved it. I'm sure if this goes well I will try another brand and compare them but we shall wait and see. 

So I chose Bootea and placed my order. The 14 Day Teatox is £14.99 and was what I opted for as I thought it will allow me to give it a really good test at a great cost. 
It came to my door within two days which I like as it was fresh in my mind and I was still determined to do it properly.

This what it looks like.. cute right?

It came with the daytime detox and night time detox packets.

Daytime Detox: 
You are meant to drink it first thing in the morning (which I have been doing) but if you forget you can sneak it in later into the day. They come as proper teabags rather than some loose leaf teas so you can use them with little effort. 

My first taste of the tea wasn't very nice I'll admit but I've found now if I let it cool down the taste isn't so strong and I'm actually getting used to it. I like green tea anyway so it's not miles away from that on taste. 

Night Time Detox:
The night time one was as I expected.... not great tasting and immediately turned my stomach. It really reminded me of when I was on the juice cleanse and me dreading certain flavours - I'm hoping this will pass soon.
I haven't felt the results of this yet, if you know what I mean, so I will wait and update later.... 

Bootea Night Time Cleanse

I'm writing this on Day 3 so haven't seen any dramatic results yet but I do feel less hungry. Whether this is psychological or not I don't know but other than that there's no interesting developments to report. 

So here's to the start of an interesting two weeks!!

Have you tried anything like this? What were your thoughts? 


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