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Monday, 18 August 2014

Bootea 14 Day Teatox: The Conclusion

My teatox is over!!!

Following on from my half way point update I thought I should fill you in on the end results.

The greatest thing about this tea is that it fitted into my routine with ease making sure I had no excuse to forget or stop.

Bootea 14 day teatox

Here's the best bits about the daytime and the Bedtime teas:

Daytime Detox: Best Bits

Bootea 14 day teatox
*Don't think I'm weird listing the packaging first! I think having resealable packaging for freshness (see half way point post for more info) is really important when it comes to food and health products.

Throughout the whole two weeks on this teatox I felt more energetic and awake during the day. I didn't get my usual midday lull and found I rarely snacked because I just wasn't hungry.

Bed Time Detox: Best Bits

Bootea 14 day teatox

At the end of this journey I have lost around 5lbs which considering this is light going in the detox world I think is very good. The main thing that I have taken away from it is a flatter stomach and a hell of a lot less bloating.

Bootea 14 day teatox

I actually think I will do teatox's pretty regularly as they really into my lifestyle easily and I felt the effects pretty quickly. I wouldn't recommend doing one all the time as I think that may be too much for the body to handle but maybe before a big event or holiday would suit. 

So there it is 14 days down, a flatter stomach, a smaller appetite and a little lighter. Overall a damn good two weeks!


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