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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Wishlisting: Boots, Boots, Boots

FYI I am 6ft 2" tall....yes I know, kinda tall...right? 
This over the years I've found to have it's pluses and minuses...

I did go through a huge phase of wearing massively high heels (hence my huge Iron Fist collection *drool*) but over the past year or two my attention has turned boots..

My Current Boots Wishlist

Balenciaga Buckle Strap Ankle Boots
My heart stops every time I spy these stunning boots. JUST LOOK AT THEM.... eugh I want them baaaaaadddd. These are constantly on my 'to buy one day' list and I am determined to own them!
Balenciaga Cut Out Boots
Alexander Wang Erin Boot 
Simply because the man makes art that you wear on your feet. 

Alexander Wang Erin Boots
ASOS Eyewitness Ankle Boots 
Bold, bright and just hella sexy! These are ones I would probably never wear because of how tall they are but a girl can dream...
ASOS Eyewitness Ankle Boots
ASOS Rescue me Ankle Boots
And finally these cute, very 90's powder blue boots with a chunky white heel. GORGE!!! These are so fun and summery, brilliant to team up with those summer party dresses..
ASOS Rescue me Ankle Boots
If I ever have enough disposable income to warrant buying these beauties I definitely will but for now I shall just long for them from afar :)

Do you have any must have footwear? x


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