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Friday, 11 July 2014

My 3 day cleanse diary: The Cleanse

Please be aware that this blog post is an honest account of my juice cleanse experience. I researched heavily before doing this and am not a majorly unfit or unwell person. If you do decide to embark on a juice cleanse please read up on it and if you are unsure if your body could handle it please consult a GP. I know that sounds scary but trying anything new can be a shock to the system and I want to make sure you are fully informed! 

*All opinions are my own - I purchased the cleanse myself with my own cash!*

B x

The box arrived whilst I was out at work and I was desperate to get home and see what was inside.

I ordered my cleanse from JuiceandCleanse and was immediately nervous about what I was about to embark on. I did speak to Nicola who owns the brand and she put my mind to rest and reiterated that I should cut out caffeine before and throughout the cleanse.... I heard that and did it straight away!

The box was quite large and very cold....

Juice cleanse box

Inside was 16 neatly packed juices in a variety of colour and flavour combinations. It did look very enticing but on taking them out of the box I realised.... I need to make room in the fridge! 

5 frantic minutes of rearranging cheese and tomato sauce later I ended clearing a shelf and piling in the juices in without really even looking at all the flavours and colours. 

Juice cleanse fridge

Left in the box was lots of other goodies I didn't expect:

Juice cleanse other

1. The cleanse instructions 
- keep this close as it's really helpful when you forget important stuff.

2. The Juices: 
- you get as many as you have ordered per the cleanse you are doing. I had 16 overall. 

3. Bicarbonate of Soda & pysllium husk
- to help alkalize the body when you are taking in all the fruit juice & it's natural acids

4. Herbal teas and detox teas 
- to drink throughout the cleanse for extra hydration instead of caffeinated drinks 

5. Lemon juice shots 
- for each morning

6. A Luffa 
- don't really need to explain that one really...

7. Epsom bath salts 
- For lovely relaxing bath

Day 1: So it begins....

A lemon shot in hot water was first on the cards. I will say that I'm not the biggest fan of lemon but this was actually quite pleasant and made me determined to do this cleanse right. Start as you mean to go on!

Juice cleanse: lemon

Here's the breakdown of how you are meant to have the juices throughout the day:

1. Breakfast (yummy yummy)
Carrot, Apple, Ginger

2. Mid Morning Tonic (by far my favourite flavoured juice)
Grapefruit, Orange Juice, Lime

3. Lunch 
Cucumber, Apple, Spinach, Celery, Lemon

4. Dinner (not my favourite)
Tomato, Red Pepper, Celery, Cayenne Pepper

5. Supper
Cucumber, Celery, Lime

I will say my stomach rumbled like I have never heard it rumble before and when I smelled my family's lunch it screamed out in desire for it!

I have to say overall day 1 was quite uneventful. I did go to the bathroom alot more which was an obvious thing to happen but I didn't feel any discomfort, headaches or nausea which I had read can happen. 

Throughout the day you are also meant to drink a water + bicarb of soda mix and pysllium husk. This husk drink was probably the worst part for me. You have to do this fast as it thickens and becomes like jelly so you have to get over the taste and just down it. Juices and this all combined it turns about to be a huge volume of liquid that enters your body.

After thought: I may have been too confident at this stage when telling my bf that it was easy as he had bet me I wouldn't last until then end of this!

Day 2: Feeling fine....

The morning came around and so did my lemon shot drink. I had an earlier start so got myself ready and could hear all that liquid I'd consumed swooshing around in my stomach as I got dressed ..... very funny!  

Juice cleanse

The day itself with the juices actually became quite monotonous and I ended up craving them as at times I was ravenous! I'm a snacker by nature so not being able to this was extremely hard mentally and I ended up avoiding the kitchen, food shows on TV and my family at dinner time to strip temptation from my mind and sight.

By 3pm I did feel very tired. I carried on with my day but continued to feel sluggish. 

By 7pm I was a walking zombie so decided to have a bath with the epsom salts. This did perk me up a little and was very relaxing. 
You only have to use a small amount of the salt to create a nice bath mix so subsequently I have tonnes left so will keep using it in my bath routine. 

Juice cleanse: bath salts

After my bath it was time for the last juice......

I'm not going to lie juice 5 completely turned my stomach. I don't think my body could take any more liquid and I felt like I was going to be physically sick. Thankfully I wasn't but that wasn't fun at all. 

Day 3: Feeling the effects....

Day three started as normal with my lemon shot drink but I immediately felt very full. Already I knew today was going to be the hardest.

Juice cleanse box

Throughout the day it was harder to stay motivated as I think my body had really got into the cleanse and had gone into overdrive getting all the crap out of system. I tried not to be too far away from a bathroom as you would expect I was needing the loo more and more as the cleanse went on. To be very frank here me and the bathroom couldn't be more than 5ft apart at times. 

Day 3 was by far the least enjoyable but was the most rewarding to battle through. This was the day that really tested me and at one point I even opened a big of crisps and almost ate one. I can hand on heart say I am proud of myself for finishing this!

The day after finishing: my thoughts...

I'm writing this blog one day after finishing so will reserve overall judgement for at least a month (blog will follow) - my cleaned out digestive system may take a while to get used to!

Honestly how I feel today is slightly brighter but still slightly rough around the edges. I don't really feel hungry at all and have only really picked at things here and there. I mentally feel quite alert so I do think this cleanse has and will continue to do me good at least for the time being.

The major thing I've noticed is that my stomach is flatter.... like noticeably flatter, my family have even noticed! MAJOR PLUS POINT!!
I haven't been to the gym at all during this so I am really eager to see how it helps with my overall fitness and body shape. My overall aim in doing this was to help my digestive system and be really good with what I'm eating. That, plus the gym should hopefully equal a newly toned physique..... here's hoping!

Juice cleanse box

So if you are thinking of doing a cleanse I hope my little diary of my experience has helped you with your decision. 

If you wanted to know why I did this check out my previous blog HERE and I will be uploading my one month later blog in two days. I know that sounds odd as although I wrote this blog on the day after I finished my cleanse I am only posting it now, over 1 month later.

I got my cleanse from Juice and Cleanse in Nottingham and I would highly recommend them and the starter cleanse. Let's see how I feel in one month.....


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