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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My 3 day cleanse diary: The Beginning

Ice Cream Sundae

You may find it odd that I'm beginning a post entitled 'My 3 Day Cleanse Diary' with a photo of a chocolate fudge brownie sundae but go with me here.
This is to show the food I adore the most which is basically anything that's really bad for me. Yes I go to the gym (I know I'm behind with my updates) pretty regularly but I generally just maintain the figure I have rather than improve and this is obviously due to my diet. This needed to change. 

I have always wanted to do a juice cleanse and after feeling pretty low for a while I decided to look into it. I've seen and read about them in practically every magazine I've ever opened and you can't really escape hearing celebrities talk about how amazing they are so why shouldn't it work for me?!

Once again, as with most things I try that are costly, I did a hell of a lot of research before jumping into this. I scoured the internet for tips and reviews whilst comparing costs. I'll be honest here and say it did horrify me how much cleanses can cost in general - anywhere from £70 - £899 from what I saw but I'm sure that's dependent on the time scale and the quality of the fruit used within the cleanse.

So, from all that research I decided that by finding a cleanse that is supplied by somewhere local can work out cheaper, be a hell of alot fresher but also that I should only do a starter cleanse. I say this because I honestly think even now after doing it and enjoying it, that it can be a major shock to the system and although three days sound short without food, believe me it isn't.
Anyway, I ended up choosing a company called Juice and Cleanse who are based in Nottingham to purchase my cleanse off..... just up the road from me really.

* This is NOT a sponsored post - everything was purchased and paid for by myself and all opinions are my own *

In my next post I will tell you how it all worked out but in this initial post I wanted to highlight how this step for me began. What I will say, is that I got a lot of negativity doing this from friends and family. Some were genuinely interested and have gone on to do it themselves but most were bombarding me with 'why are you doing this?' or 'that's just stupid' which isn't overly motivating but it did spur me on to just do it for myself. 

If you are considering doing a cleanse and are interested in how mine went, make sure to read my upcoming post to see if it may be the right thing for you. Be prepared for the truth as re-starting your systems sometimes isn't pretty!

Have a great day!


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