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Monday, 14 July 2014

My 3 day cleanse: 1 Month Later.....

(Please be aware that this blog post is an honest account of my juice cleanse experience. I researched heavily before doing this and am not a majorly unfit or unwell person. If you do decide to embark on a juice cleanse please read up on it and if you are unsure if your body could handle it please consult a GP. I know that sounds scary but trying anything new can be a shock to the system and I want to make sure you are fully informed!)

So I decided to put My Juice Cleanse Diary: The Beginning and The Cleanse just before this post so any interested readers don't have to wait too long for any updates. I did this cleanse just over a month ago and wrote the diary just after I had finished - this post is to conclude it all.

Yes the cleanses aren't cheap, so only begin one if you really want to and have some disposable income to hand.

It's now been one whole month so I can look back on it and reflect on it's success for me. So I'm 100% transparent on this I did go on holiday shortly after my cleanse and then was struck down with a tremendously bad viral infection so my 'results' as weight right now goes may be minimally skewed by occurrences since. That's why I have only given you my weight loss from straight after the cleanse and not now one month later. 

I began this journey at a weight of 11st 8lbs which for me is just above normal. I'm 6ft so it works out to be ok on my BMI scale. After finishing the cleanse and leaving it three days to re-weigh myself (I thought to get all the extra water weight out of me) I had lost 8lbs. Honestly this really shocked me but when I thought over how long I had spent in bathrooms over this journey it started to make sense. 

As of now I can't give you an exact idea of how it has affected me long term to the aforementioned illness I caught when on holiday but I definitely know my digestive system is a lot healthier which is a massive plus for me! 

Overall I am very happy I did the cleanse and I really think it worked for me. I'm so glad I went with a local supplier like 'Juice and Cleanse' as Nicola the owner was a real pleasure to deal with and was very informative with me when I first decided to try it. I was also glad the website is so chocked full on info and support as I was going along as that's really lovely to read. 

All of this combined really put my mind at rest and made the whole experience less stressful. 

One thing I would say before jumping into a cleanse is to really read up on how to prepare for it and how to make the most out of the whole experience to ensure you maximise the time while you are on it.

So that's the end of my Juice Cleanse diary. I hope it's been some what helpful for anyone that is interested in doing something like this and I certainly will be doing another one in future so look out for the sequel!!!
Let me know if you have any questions about my experience or share your juice experiences with everyone :)


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