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Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday Favorites: Bloggers I LOVE...

I read tonnes of blogs and watch hours and hours of YouTube... I LOVE it!!!

I honestly think a lot of blogs go unloved or shouted about because of how saturated the internet is with them so this is something I'm going to do regularly to show them some love :) I of course may end up picking some quite successful ones along the way but hey, I really do love them!

3 of my favourite YouTubers:

These two are just so cute to watch. You go along on all their adventures in their vlogs and end with tips and tricks on yummy food places, photography and hair styling along the way. I discovered them a few years ago through searching for hair tutorials and finding anna lee and her AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT jaw-droppingly good hairdressing.... go watch them and then you'll see...she is phenomenal! If ever I'm in LA I'm heading to where she works so she can do my hair :)

Hey Claire!

I have watched this hottie almost since the very beginning when she started out. She's a funky, modern rocker with beautiful tattoos and a rather gorgeous cat named Bruce. The video below is my favourite YouTube video ever.... grand statement I know but it's true! 


Not going to say much about this beauty except go watch her!!! I think she's very sweet and honest and has really evolved whilst being on YouTube :)

5 of my current favourite Blogs :)

I maybe addicted to Life in CMYK. The layout of this blog is just so pleasing to the eye and is just overall amazing. I love all things colour and design so this blog plays very close to my heart and the creator Eleanor is just a doll!

Pallett Blogger

This was a blog I stumbled across very recently and it caught my eye due to it being monochromatic and heavily fashion based. Charlie has a wardrobe to envy and a personal style I love! Check our her blog for inspiration and stunning photos.


Yazmin is an all around brilliant blogger. She's kind and thoughtful and a little entrepreneur. She's the creator of #pabchat and hosts regular chats on twitter and across social media. 


This blog is full of really honest insights and laid out to really showcase the written word (makes sense since the gorge writer is an English Lang and Lit student!) A brilliant and clever read!


Laura (the creator of lollylovesx) is such a sweetheart with a real eye for beauty products. Her reviews are open and very true to her and she's such a lovely person. Make sure you go check her out!

So I hope I may have helped you discover new things to watch and read. I'm going to keep sharing my love for bloggers and vloggers I adore and let me know if there's any you think I'm missing out on :)

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