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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Battle with the Bulge: Beginning again.....

I have been naughty.... 

Get Fit
and I mean very naughty when it comes to my health and fitness over the past month. 

So as you would I expect I have excuses so let's lay them out first...

When I got back from a recent holiday to Greece I was majorly ill and got hit by viral infection after viral infection. This meant I lost scores of weight but in a bad way and it left me feeling really demotivated and lethargic. 
From the moment I started to recover (after some amazing antibiotics) I just ate everything in sight and then went hunting for more..... self control is one of my major issues when it comes to food.

All that was after being so good and doing an intense Juice Cleanse prior to the hols in the hopes to up my fitness and physique! What a waste!!!

Anyway now is the time to change and get myself back on track with.....

The new plan #gymbunny:

1) Less takeouts: 
Recently me and the BF seem to have gotten into a routine where we order in and don't bother cooking. This is definitely going to change as I do really enjoying cooking and by doing it myself I can really monitor what I'm eating and what it's doing to my health.
Fruit and Veg

2) Go back to the gym: 
When you aren't motivated going to the gym is very hard. Throw in this heat wave we seem to be having and the fact my gym is a joke and doesn't have any aircon and you can see why staying home seemed the better idea. 
Roll on the new plan of going three times a week again and actually trying!

3) Keep hydrated: 
I do not drink enough water. Tea I drink by the gallon but good old fashioned water no - this is by far the easiest thing to do and I intend to make sure I do it. I'm actually looking at investing in a really high quality glass bottle so that I can reuse and refill it all the time and not have the hassle of finding plastic bottles. (I know it's another excuse but hey I am trying!) 
Stay hydrated

4) Jst Jodie: 
When I began my original #gymbunny routine (as I have now named it) I went full pelt into buying the JST Jodie range which you can read about HERE. I'm going to go back to that but I haven't yet decided to what extent. Once I am back into a gym routine I think these things will fall back into it naturally. 

5) Stay Motivated: 
As I said in point 2 motivation is key to get me to go to the gym and eat healthier. I have lacked this majorly of late and need to find something to drive me forward. I love motivational quotes you find online so I now have them as my screensaver on my phone and work laptop along with being pinned around my bedroom mirror. This combined with classes at the gym to add some variety in my gym schedule is going to be my winning combination *fingers crossed*
Stay motivated

So that's the plan and it begins today! Officially I'm going to do it from the start of August but get my pre-train on now :)

And here's my dream body:
Iggy Azalea Body

Do you have any motivational tips or tricks that could help me out? 


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