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Monday, 2 June 2014

Taya Beauty - Hair Care Favourite

I have very dry, damaged hair that is naturally very thick and curly. This makes it very difficult to find products that will help nourish my hair or even just keep it manageable but I have found one recently and I thought I'd share my secret.
I discovered Taya through flicking through the channels one night and stumbled upon a familiar face - Patricia Velasquez aka Anck Su Namun from The Mummy (you know you love it!). I think she is just down right stunning so after making a cup of tea I sat down and thought I'd see what she was up to. 
Turns out she was on QVC representing a brand I'd not heard of called Taya Beauty that was made up of lots of hair care products claiming to be made of all natural, raw and unprocessed ingredients so already it had peaked my interest. 

The first time I saw the brand advertised I missed out as everything sold out immediately but when I saw it again I took my chance to snap up a couple of products to try. 

My hands down favourite of all I purchased is the 
Buriti Nut Intensive Repair Leave-In Mist.

Taya leave in mist

Extract from website:
Buriti Nut Intensive Repair Leave-In Mist is a super reconstructive, light-weight leave-in mist formulated with Buriti Nut Oil, Brazil Nut Oil and extracts of Raw Parsley to help restore strength, elasticity, softness and silkiness to all hair types, but especially dry, damaged, color-treated, frizzed, lifeless, dull, over-processed and chemically-treated hair. Product contains nuts.

While waiting for my initial delivery I read up on the company, it's ethics and how they are heavily involved in developing and creating sustainable processes for harvesting the nuts that go into the products. I'm a great believer in supporting companies who have a heart and choose to make a stand when it comes to helping both the environment and the workers who harvest in it. 

When it arrived of course I was rather excited to use it (I'm a hair obsessive) but I will be honest and say initially I thought the packaging was a little dull and brown. After using it and knowing about the company I understand why they kept to this colour scheme as it is very much of the earth and natural. 

Taya leave in mist

 Before you use it you have to really shake it up as all those lovely natural ingredients have separated and need to be blended, then you can just spray away. I have used it on both damp and dry hair and have found it equally effective on both. I find that it leaves my hair soft, smooth, with no wispy fly aways and most importantly not oily or greasy. 

I find the spray that comes out of this nozzle to be very even which I love. Now this may seem an odd thing to love but I have used many hair products before where the spray nozzles were to small so achieving a really even distribution of product to hair was really difficult. 

Taya leave in mist

So as you can see by my almost empty bottle I have really adored using this product and am almost out of it! I have seen a real change in the quality of my hair since using it so I will definitely be repurchasing asap.

Taya leave in mist

I think I will do a comparison between this product and Moroccanoil at some point as I am currently testing both to see which suits my hair better. I love them both but keeping my hair under control is an expensive game so am trying to find the better of the two to invest in. I will say as of this moment my love for the Taya Leave in mist is strong and also that the idea of using natural products from a company that is heavily invested in it's heritage and morals does win me over.

If you are looking for a new hair saviour I would highly recommend giving Taya a try!

If you guys have any other #hairsaviour suggestions for me I'd happily give them a try!

*All opinions are my own - this is NOT a sponsored post*


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