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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Jewellery: Why did I forget about you...?

I used to wear all sorts of weird and wonderful jewellery growing up but I think somehow over the years I seem to have forgotten to purchase anything new or even look at the new bits on the market. I always just walk by the accessories sections in shops but I have always put this down to nothing peaking my interest until now...

I stumbled across Lunar Made through a lovely lady called Elena who I follow on Instagram. She's not only beautiful and tattooed but now an entrepreneur by opening Lunar Made. Slowly but surely pictures of the jewellery popped into my feed and it reignited my love of jewellery and pretty accessories.

I adore the branding and the ideals that it has started out with and I really hope that continues as they grow.  

I've picked out my 5 favourite pieces here that I will be grabbing at pay day :)

1. Lunar Phase crop top (£12)

2. 'Say it proud' Choker (£11)

3. Golden Hamsa (£7)

4. Tripple Chain Crystal (£18)

5. 'Say it proud - Make Love' Choker (£11)


I think I may do a jewellery post regularly for no other reason that to actually remind me to have a look around and actually buy some!

Do you have any favourite pieces or shop recommendations?

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