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Monday, 9 June 2014

I Dream of Mulberry.....

I have never been one of those girls who has to have the designer brand or someone who actively saves for high ticket fashion pieces - maybe I'm not a normal girl?

I do wonder sometimes what it would be like to own a beautiful Chanel coat or Temperley London dress but then the reality of it hits me and I think I would not only be too scared to wear a piece so expensive but also where would I get the money for something like that?!?
But all that aside, that is the thing I personally love about fashion it's aspirational and you can make of it what you want within the budget you have....... it's nice to dream right?

Now onto the truth of the matter.....

I have always dreamed of Mulberry. 

Mulberry Logo

I can't explain what it is but I have an almost base desire to own a Mulberry bag. I have never wanted anything so frivolously beautiful before and it's always something I can't help staring at when someone walks by me with one. I think I may have a Mulberry switch in my brain that turns me into a sighing teenager whenever I'm near one. 
Mulberry Del Rey Bag in Oxblood
If I could I would buy as many as I was allowed but at a push the Del Rey in Oxblood Silky Nappa (£1,100) would be the one to steal my heart. It has a timeless classic quality to it with a vintage Lana Del Rey twist that I found instantly appealing. I think for me it would be brilliant for work as it is very roomy and sturdy but also great for every life to enhance my every day wardrobe. (Can you see I've been talking myself into this?)


That was all until Mulberry went and did something to further suck me into their beautiful world and got one of my favourite models Cara Delevingne to design and front their new campaign... and added animals!!

Cara for Mulberry

This campaign is definitely aspirational and throws a twist on the quintessentially English lady at tea by adding a touch of the exotic through animals. It introduced me to a collection which I not only fell in love with but has made my dream into an actual obsession fuelling me on to plucking up the courage (and purse) to get me one of these babies when I can afford to.

Here would be my no.1 choice of Delevingne:

Cara for Mulberry

I know it's a limited edition which I'm sure would make it stupidly expensive but I shall continue to dream and save on the off chance my dream can come true.

And here is the stunning Cara modelling my hearts desire at the launch of her line earlier this year..... *sigh*

Cara Delevingne Mulberry Launch

I will admit in the past I have repeatedly got to a point where I have in my savings had enough to splurge on one of my dreamy Mulberry bags but then life get in the way and other priorities take over :( the joys of being a grown up I guess. 

Damn it.... I say one day, my Mulberry love, I will own you and adore you - this is my pledge to myself to continue working hard and hopefully one day being able to comfortably own this beauty. 

*This post is frivolous, silly and only a dream so don't take it too seriously. I'm well aware of the economic climate as I'm in it too but as I say it's fun to dream :) *


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