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Friday, 13 June 2014

Guest Post: It's time for prom!

As I'm off out and about in the world I decided to offer out my blog to the Twitterverse in the hunt for some amazing guest bloggers. The lovely Kayleigh from Finder Keepers answered and did me the great honour of writing her first guest post for me :) Check it out...... 

Hello everyone! 
I'm Kayleigh, creator and author of Finders Keepers, fashion and lifestyle blog. This is my first go at producing a 'Guest Post' for another blog, and it is a genius idea! Go Becky! So now I am looking at organising something similar in the near future. So get in touch if you are interested.

To begin with I was unsure what I would choose as my topic for this post and figured, instead of spending hours coming up with a topic choice I wouldn't have done before, just stick to what I enjoy and what others have enjoyed in the past. So I hope you like it...

Prom season is around, as well as Summer Balls and then Graduation for University students. It is all happening! However I am unfortunate to have to wait until September to Graduate as that is how my University have done it all along. On the bright side, that gives me a couple extra months to get the perfect dress and perfect my hair and makeup for the day.

My little sister, Aimee, is going to Prom in three weeks time. I am so excited to see her walk down the stairs in her lovely gown, hair all done, make up done and me just standing there snapping away! To my surprise she has asked me to do her makeup. She then asked me to practise doing her hair as a trial run, and if I did a good enough job she would hire me for the day! I was so excited to start getting creative. 

Her dress is beautiful, as you can probably tell! She begged me not to post these images publicly incase her friends saw, but I highly doubt they are going to find them! If they do, hello Aimee's friends! This post documents our trial run for hair and makeup and practising to walk in those killer heels! Her dress still needs to be taken to the tailors due to her petite frame and the hair still needs tweaking.

Dresses for many occasions can be sickeningly expensive, but that was not the case for mine and twin sisters Prom five years ago, or Aimee's this time around. All three of us ordered our dresses off eBay, from China! Yes it took a month to arrive and there was always that risk of it looking completely different to the image that sold it to us in the first place and it not fitting. However, we are fortunate to know someone who can alter dresses for free so that is an added bonus. 

For anyone that would like to know how I did the hair, the makeup or even where all the products are from, just pop over to my blog and post a comment, email me or tweet me. Then I will look at creating a new post just for that information for you guys!

I have really enjoyed producing this post for you all here at Becky's blog, and I do hope you enjoyed it! If you did, please follow my blog through Google and Bloglovin and also through Twitter and everywhere else! Bye for now.

Kayleigh. X

What a brilliant post! A big thankyou to Kayleigh for this - I'm looking forward to seeing the snaps from your graduation!! 

And to her beautiful sister Aimee..... you look STUNNING - have an amazing time at your prom :)

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