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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Do you ever have those moments.....?

I have just got back from what was a lovely, relaxing holiday and can't seem to get back into my 'normal' daily life again at all. I'm finding getting motivated difficult which is frustrating for me as I'm a list writer and love ticking things off those lists which as of yet I haven't done. 

I guess being ill hasn't helped with this at all......

Of course, as usually happens to me, I caught a horrendous cold from the flight home and now spend most days coughing repeatedly and sniffing which is soo draining and down-heartening. I wanted to come back on a high and really be super productive and driven which when you feel very run down is sooooo hard.

How are you guys feeling? Do you ever get this way? How do you get past it?

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