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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Why I Love Dr Nick Lowe: Skin Saviour


So we all get spots right? And we all despise them right?

Good, we are all on the same page here so I thought I'd share with you a holy grail product of mine that I would really struggle to live without now. 
It's called 'Spot Gel - Anti Blemish by Dr Nick Lowe, Dermatologist.' (long winded name I know!)

Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel

 I feel in love with this about a year ago and took forever to use it all even though it's a smallish tube. I couldn't find it again for ages as my local Boots stopped doing it and by pure accident came across the brand on feelunique so snapped it up before I lost it again! 

Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel

What originally attracted me to this was it's simple name and beautiful packaging and then once I read that the company was lead by a dermatologist I was all in! 

Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel

The consistency of this product is like a gel (hence the name) and is very slick when you spread it on the skin. You really only need a very small amount to cover a big area and as it's clear it's pretty unintrusive. I will say that it does get quite sticky as it's drying so don't touch it!!

Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel

 The packaging lists the main ingredients and what they do for your skin which I think is really helpful especially coming from a dermatologist. Now I know that may mean nothing to you but I have grown to loathe skin products that make such grand promises and don't actually say how they are going to achieve them or the knowledge behind the product.  
Invented by some sort of super magician dermatologist named Dr Nick Lowe this baby really has saved my skin at it's worst points. Im also a huge fan of packaging design and marketing and think this brand is genius - clean and simple which is what you want your skin to be!  

Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel

I also love the simple tips and hints that appear on the back of all the Dr Nick Lowe products - you know most of them but still it's nice to have reminders!

Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel

I use this at night to target those pesky problem areas of my face as I do find that when it dries it looks like your skin is peeling but it's just the gel shrinking. I just get up in the morning and do my usual cleanse and voila, beautiful skin!  

Check it out if you have problematic skin - hope it helps!


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