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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Vichy Dermablend: Mistake or Triumph??

 In a recent Boots Haul I grabbed the Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation (£15.50). It was a spare of the moment purchase and as they had no testers I went on labelling alone and went for the lightest colour on the shelf which was '25 Nude.' I have no clue why I did this to be honest as I know it's a fatal error but all I can say is that I had the Boots Blindness..

'Boots Blindness' 
Experienced by many consumers across the UK that blinds its suffers into purchasing blindly when entering a Boots store. The condition is more prevalent in females around make up sections but has been known to cause this blindness across all sections. Key symptoms include: being instantly attracted to packaging and displays, rushing about in a panic, buying more than was originally wanted and occasionally regretting purchases days later. 

( :) just a bit of fun there)

Now here's what it looks like out of the packaging:
Vichy Dermablend

Now, hand on heart I made a mistake here in buying this without seeing the colour testers. When I put this on my hand back at home my heart sank..... I did try it on my hand in different lights in the feign hope it was the shadow causing the colour but alas no. It's far too dark for my skin tone so was immediately dubious about using it on my face. 

Vichy Dermablend

Needless to say it sucked!!! It made me looked extremely dark which was sooo disappointing as I really wanted this to be a skin saviour. I don't blame the product or brand for this at all as it is highly acclaimed and maybe if I had the right shade this would have been a triumph. I hear American bloggers talk about how they can return a beauty product or exchange it if its the wrong colour which we don't do here in the UK which I am now, as of this purchase, VERY jealous of!

Vichy Dermablend

So to end on this on a positive my mother had now ended up with this as it's more to her skin tone when she tans..... maybe she'll love it!


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