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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Shustoke in the Sunshine

So on Sunday me and the bf decided to drive on into the sunshine to find a nice place to eat. After a short drive off down the first country road we found we ended up at The Plough Inn at Shustoke, Coleshill.
Photo by Pubplaces
It's a rather pretty pub where we chose to sit outside and chow down on ham and cheese paninis... yummy!

Then off we went to Shustoke Reservoir for a wander around in the glorious sunshine. When we got there it was the sailing club's test day so the reservoir was littered with sailboats with red or white sails. It honestly felt like we were walking along the sands in some foreign isle watching the boats pass by.

The walk around is 1.81 miles and you pass by such beautiful tress, plants and of course the water itself. The sound of the lapping water is actually very relaxing and I really enjoyed walking around listening to it all. There were lots of families and dog walkers which was lovely as people stopped to speak to us and I played with a beautiful collie for a while :) (oh how I want a dog!)

We even saw a boot camp going on around the reservoir which I think we will sign up to as it just seems a lovely place to be and workout!

I would highly recommend going here if you have the chance as you can spend a lovely couple of hours relaxing or working out in the sunshine. I may be a soppy old romantic but I loved spending some time just relaxing with my fella in the sunshine and I've always wanted to live near water and this day really reinforced that! 

On a random note.... a big HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to two beautiful little girlies who are turning 3 years old today - LOVE YOU LOTS!

Have a lovely day :)


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